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Name:Tabit Veda
Muse: Tabi Veda
Fandom: Original

Physical Description:
Sex: Female
Age: 31
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Family Background:
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Both Deceased (Rue Marland and Sig Veda)
Siblings: Rana Veda (deceased)

Children: None

Training and Abilities: Tabit is a tech expert. Long story short, she can build you a tablet with it's own operating system, as well as fix anything you give to her. She's gone to a lot of school and training programs in order to do this. She can also easily bug your house without you knowing.

Education: Her paperwork says she attended MIT and has earned a Masters.

Profession: Head of Tech for a mercenary group called "The Agency"

Usual Weapons: She is trained in basic weaponry and self defense.

Skills & Special Abilities: Just her experience in Tech.

Before LJ/DW:

Her parents were killed when she was a baby. Her older sister raised her until she entered a prestigious educational program. She was trained and eventually earned her degrees.

Current Updates:

Tabit Veda is my original character, from a series of books that I hope to finish one day. Feel free to send me a question on this journal.

Writing/Roleplay Communities:

Gina Rodriguez is being used as the face of Tabit, but I have no connections with the actress. Any fandoms she comes across from RP are owned by their creators, as well as any characters not run by me.
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